The First Step Is Often the Hardest

Anytime we are creating something new, we are stepping into the unknown.  

The old way of being is familiar, and even when it is causing us pain, we will choose it.

Again and again. 

Why? Because the comfort of the familiar is "safer" than the discomfort of the unknown.  

This is not only a human condition.  Many living beings on our planet are wired that way. It takes great courage and a higher level of awareness to consciously choose the unknown. 

It is a very common struggle, and one that we get to confront if we want to overcome the reality we are currently experiencing. 

The first step is this:

Be open to the possibility that things can be different.  

That's it.  

We don't have to will it to happen, and we don't have to bring out the stop-watch while we tap our foot either. The first step is literally just being open to the possibility.

And it's often the hardest. But I trust! I see what's possible. Let's be open to possibility together....

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